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25 August 2010  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

Guests from the prison at Sunday Worship

16 August 2010  |  Rehabilitation for adults

The fight at Kulikovo is actively held

14 August 2010  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

The graduate of “Pilgrim” has passed the casting to All – Ukrainian contest “Everybody dances”

11 August 2010  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

Will the pillgrims wake the Volcano Reiner up?

09 August 2010  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

Mission can be accomplished: the Czechs and the pilgrims

04 August 2010  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

14-year-old alcoholic dreams to become a builder

28 July 2010  |  Rehabilitation for adults

Women’s rehab center in Dnepropetrovsk

26 July 2010  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

Purpose driven church on a visit to Republic Pilgrim

21 June 2010  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

We’ve got summer vacations!

You will be found. Joys and hardships of adoptive parents in the Charity Fund “Pilgrim”

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