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28 April 2011  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

The runaways are found, the drug den is emptied

21 April 2011  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

The project of public sponsorship “Crumbs”

28 March 2011  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

For the kids not to feel abandoned

25 March 2011  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko ministered to the history makers

21 March 2011  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

Bike racing against orphanship in Ukraine!

19 March 2011  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

Former street kids tried to knock out the world champion in boxing

12 March 2011  |  In Mass media about us

Gennadiy Mokhnenko has celebrated his birthday in “House of bread”

02 March 2011  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

In Republic Pilgrim paying tribute to defenders

24 February 2011  | 

Emergency open letter of pastor Gennadiy to Christians, pastors and bishops in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

20 February 2011  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

"Republic Pilgrim turned 10"

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