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29 November 2017  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

The pre-election debate and videos promoting those who ran for President predestined the turn of the presidential race in the “Republic Pilgrim”.

23 November 2017  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

The Autumn Ball of the pilgrims with chocolate and musical mood.

20 October 2017  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

Rescuers, forward!

The twelfth adopted son of the chaplain Albert Khomyak.

17 August 2017  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

The fifth stage of the world wide bike tour “The world without orphans!”has been completed

25 July 2017  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

The Worldwide bikes tour “The world without orphans!” – The German stage.

21 July 2017  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

The visa free regime works even for former street kids!

17 July 2017  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

The “scheduled feat” again! The fifth stage of the worldwide bike action “The world without orphans!”

03 July 2017  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

The former street kids will improve their health working at the dacha (the country house) and by swimming in the river.

20 June 2017  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

New life has started for the Minister of Finances.

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