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20 October 2011  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

Future social workers came to practice in the "Pilgrim"

17 October 2011  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

French filmmakers in the "Pilgrim"

11 October 2011  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

Ecclesiastical Order of Mariupol teacher of Christian ethics

07 October 2011  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

"When I saw the medics treated HIV-infected women in childbirth, has decided to adopt at least one baby with human immunodeficiency virus"

The destiny, from the cemetery – to “Pilgrim"

30 September 2011  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

Best Book of the Year - " Non pedagogical poem "

13 September 2011  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

Sasha Zenich is a former street kid and future artist and photographer!

27 August 2011  |  In Mass media about us

Case of Abramiha caused a great resonance in Mariupol

24 August 2011  |  Sick of it

Pilgrims' again, "Sick of it "

23 August 2011  |  Sick of it

Letter of the dead adopted son of the priest to drug dealer and her backers in courts.

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