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“House of Dreams "can become the pride of the country

07 February 2012  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

Mariupol good changes on the Equator

30 January 2012  |  Rehabilitation for adults

"New Beginning" for the German drug addicts

25 January 2012  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

The election took place; the new president takes the office

10 January 2012  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

Pastor’s “Gvardia” expands

02 January 2012  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

Exhibition and sale of "ARTE solidale"

24 December 2011  |  Publicistics

A couple of years ago on Christmas Eve a very strange story happened to me ...

09 December 2011  |  In Mass media about us

In Mariupol "Pilgrim” guests from England

28 November 2011  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

“Crystal Heart "- to Pilgrim orphanage for children with HIV-AIDS

25 November 2011  |  Republic «Pilgrim»

Adventure of faith on the Equator

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