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The Charity fund “Pilgrim” has been carrying out the largest rehab project in Ukraine for kids and adolescents who found themselves in tough life circumstances. These are the children of streets and most of them have either drug or toxic or alcohol or slot machine addiction. Some of them are HIV positive.  Some of them are orphans who have no parental care whatsoever and some of them are social orphans – they have parents but those can’t adequately raise them. Daily about 70 kids of the most difficult social category go through their rehab course in the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim”.

Within the work of the center since February 2000 over 3000 teens went through the children’s center and over 60% of them got back to their families or state orphanages. Many of the kids were fostered. Some were adopted. In most cases the operative help of the workers of the Center literally saved lives of the minors who were in critical state.

 Beside the center of children’s rehabilitation several foster homes started working at the fund “Pilgrim” and in each of them the foster parents raise 6-13 kids. One of such foster homes is specialized in the kids with HIV+ status. It is the only family in Ukraine where 7 kids with this status live. It is planned to start one more foster home for such kids since the number of the children with HIV positive status steadily grows in Ukraine and they can live only in the centers for people with disabilities and for socially unclaimed citizens.

The vision for the nearest future is to develop the family forms of upbringing of orphans – to build the entire village where in foster homes there will be living adoptive parents with the kids. To support those foster homes we plan to found farms that would be able to provide for each family of 6-15 people. The cost of each house for adopted/ fostered kids is 15000 – 20000 Euros.

The initiator of the foundation of the Charity Fund “Pilgrim” is Gennadiy Mokhnenko – the senior pastor of The Churches of Good Changes in Mariupol, a founder of the rehab centers for adults, the adoptive father for 30 kids and teens, the overseer of the Priazovsky region of the Church of God Of Ukraine. The initiator of the action of social protest against the circulation of drugs “Sick of it”, a historian, a missionary, a Master of Theology, a journalist. The author of the books “ To execute not to show mercy”, “ Non pedagogical poem”, “ Back to holy Russia or to centuries of rot and mold?” He is also a host of TV programs “Two briefcases” and “ The other prospective”, an active blogger and a partaker of the united missionary project of Ukraine and the US in Africa.


The Charity fund “ Pilgrim” ahead with Gennadiy Mokhnenko in 2008 started alongside with the other pastors of Slavic churches and TV channel TBN a national action of adoption “ You will be found” the purpose of which is to call on the Christians in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other  post soviet countries to adopt orphans. Within 4 years the bikers have overcome 15000 km on the route Mariupol – Kiev – Moscow – Yekaterinburg – Vladivostok.  The purpose of the project is to inspire people to take kids in their family, to destroy the myths about adoption and to create newsmakers about eradication of orphanship in the world.


Ukraine, Donetsk region, Mariupol city, 87 548 Tramvayniy, 10a

Tel. +38-067-625-79-30



 You can assist the "Pilgrim" 

If you live in America

You can write a check payable to : 

Pilgrim Orphanage Foundation and send it to:

16900 SE 39th Street Vancouver WA 98683 USA


You can also make a direct deposit Us Bank

Pilgrim Orphanage Foundation 

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Telephone +1 (360) 910-3835 Viktoriya Kovalenko

Funds transferred to this account within a few days will reach us.


 "Pilgrim Orphanage Foundation" is a nonprofit organization under Article

501 (c) (3), and all contributions are tax deductible.


You can also use payment systems, "Money Gram" or "Western Union", listing the name of the Accountant Finance Fund. Transfer code and the amount can be reported by telephone

Tatyana  Mendrina +380679069758


It is possible to transfer funds to the card of PrivatBank 

Number 4149 4950 0709 5744  in the name of Oleg Boravlev.


You can also transfer funds to WebMoney system

WMID: 291749728281

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purse number 410011067611896


If you live in Germany

 Piligrim e.V.

IBAN: DE93 2806 9956 5720 4810 00


BLZ 280 699 56 

Grafschafter Volksbank eG 

Ekaterina Gesse 

tel. 01784475929



Or send parcels to the address : 

Republic Pilgrim

per. Tramvainii 10a






20 June 2017

New life has started for the Minister of Finances.

New life has started for the Minister of Finances.
In the “Republic Pilgrim” it is a special day even though a bit sad one – the Graduation 2017. It is always time of special experiences and a very significant event for the graduates. Each one of them has a very rough story behind them, their life used to be destroyed; they used to have a mental trauma and a tough way of restoration.
20 April 2017

The work education in the “Pilgrim” village.

The work education in the “Pilgrim” village.
The major part of the rehab program of “Republic Pilgrim’ is the work education of the teenagers and for this very reason the Center of work education was organized in the Pilgrim village. This small farm supplies them with some products and gives them some skills of agricultural works.
10 March 2017

The Women’s Day in “Pilgrim”

The Women’s Day in “Pilgrim”
While the there are some disputes about the 8th of March and it’s semantic load the children of the Republic Pilgrims decided to turn this day into the triumph of kindness, beauty, warmth, love and awakening of nature.
03 March 2017

«Bringing the gift of Good»

«Bringing the gift of Good»
The project «Bringing the gift of Good» was initiated by the children and has been carried out in “Republic Pilgrim”. The purpose of the project is to teach the kids to live not only for themselves but for others too, to share their talents, skills and gifts. Since the beginning of this year the pilgrims have already held an event in the center for kids with special needs, they brought them gifts and made a show – the fairy tale” The Red Hot in Paris”
21 February 2017

Russian – Ukrainian Aybolit (our version of Dr. Dolittle). ( The African journal of the pastor - Pilgrim) Part 5

Russian – Ukrainian Aybolit (our version of Dr. Dolittle). ( The African journal of the pastor - Pilgrim) Part 5
One of the amazing people who invest his heart into Africa is Dr. Kirill. The young man from Russia has been saving lives of the kids on the Equator for a few years now alongside with the Ukrainian team of missionaries.
14 February 2017

The pilgrims “Around countries and continents” protect children’s’ rights.

The pilgrims “Around countries and continents” protect children’s’ rights.
The ungraded school classes from the nearby state secondary school are open and function at the center of Children’s Rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim”.
06 February 2017

The African journal of the pastor – Pilgrim part 4

The African journal of the pastor – Pilgrim part 4
The African “Republic Pilgrim” under the name "Embrace". I am proud of the guys missionaries from Ukraine and Russia who develop the work with Kenyan street kids. From my first day in Africa I had dreamed for street kids here to have a chance for Good Changes!!!
Сделано в студии "ArtiNet"